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Harmonix PULSE is an innovative combination of Bluetooth Enabled 'Actuator' Hardware and Smartphone App designed to assist any golfer; amateur, professional, even instructors to Master the Art of Putting.

The Pulse Actuator is easy and quick to attach and remove on any brand of Putter and collects data for every movement of the putter head from start to finish of the stroke. The data is transmitted via Bluetooth to the PULSE Smartphone App. Data is then displayed to the user in clear numeric and visual data showing every movement in detail.  It suggests what may be wrong and further suggests recommendations by Professional Golf instructors on what to do to correct any problems discovered. It's like having a Professional Golf Instructor in your pocket!

Putting is not about luck! It's about skill! And PULSE will help you Master the SKILL of Putting. And, if you have a friend who could use a putting tune-up, they need a Harmonix PULSE too!

Expected shipping April, 2018              Only $149.95

USA: Delaware
Canada:  Vancouver
 UK: London

Phone: +1 (888) 685-1888 ext:103
Fax: +1 (888) 685-1888