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Here's a short video of golfers trying out Harmonix putters at various golf courses.


  • “ When I first made a few putts with the Harmonix Live-Head Putter, I was immediately captivated because not only does it look good, I can really feel the putter head. As a feel player, I am very particular with my putter because it is the one club I use and rely on the most in my round of golf. That's why I have been using my Scotty Cameron Putter the past 12 years now - because I like its feel.

    You described the Harmonix Live-Head Putter best when you said it is a "golf instrument" and every stroke I made, I was able to focus on the wonderful A note the putter produced rather than thinking of my stroke mechanics.

    I highly recommend this putter to whomever want to impress their playing partners in the business world and bring their putting to the next level.”

    Kelvin Ko
    CPGA Class A Teaching Professional
  • The beauty is obvious and certainly speaks for itself! The pleasant surprise for me is how well it plays. Not only has my putting improved, I've looked good doing it too. Many thanks.

    K. Aydin 
    4 Handicap
  • Just a quick note to thank you for the Harmonix Live-Head Putter. I am the lucky winner of this Putter by sinking 15 ten footers in a row at the Palms Spring GolfFest Show. I am consistently putting better now than I ever have. Brilliant design!

    L. Matthews
    3 Handicap
  • “Breaking 80 occassionally is a great score for me. My first round with the Harmonix putter, I was sinking everything and shot a career best 72. It took 8 shots off my game. I love this putter!”

    Grant Stewart

USA: Delaware
Canada:  Vancouver
UK: London